Store to Store transfer

To do a Stock Transfer:

Click Inventory from Side menu

Select Stock Transfers

Click ‘New Stock Transfer’ button

In New Transfer section, 'From Store' allows you to select from where stock is sent and on 'To Store', select store that stock is to be received. Select the appropriate date. Type the Narration if needed.


Now search and select items that need to be transferred from Find Products column.

Type quantity and price. Click Add. Items selected will be listed in Transfer Items.


If the Transferring process is already completed, click on Save & Receive. If not, click Save.

Later, click on 'Receive' from Stock transfer list to receive the stock when stock is physically received in this store. Enter receive quantity from receive field and click Save.

Edit Stock Transfer:

If you have to edit Stock transfer which have a wrong entry:

Select Inventory from side menu and open stock Transfers.

Select Date from DatePicker.

Click on the TransferNo to open that Stock Transfer.

Here you can do the changes you need. To change quantity or price of an item, click on edit icon at the end of that product details. It will move to Find Products column. Edit and click Add button.

Click Save.

Print Stock Transfer invoice

Select Inventory.

Click on stock transfers.

Click on Actions.

Click on Print button on the middle-top of the screen. The stock transfer will be displayed. Then click on Print button to get the Printout.