Manage your Purchases

Return a Purchase:

To return a purchase, click Inventory from side menu.

Open Purchase Orders.

Select the corresponding purchase to be refunded by clicking on Actions.

Click the Return Button on top-right corner.

Enter the return Quantity of each items to be refunded and then click Save.

Edit a Purchase:

If you have to edit a purchase order which have a wrong entry:

Select Inventory from side menu and open Purchase Orders.

Select Date of purchase from DatePicker. The purchase on that date will be listed down.

Click on the OrderNo to open that purchase.

Here you can do the changes you need. To change quantity or price of an item, click on edit icon at the end of product details - it will move to Find Products column. Edit it and click Add button.

Then click Save.

Adding a Supplier:

To add a new supplier:

Select Inventory from side menu bar and select Supplier

Click on Add supplier button


‘Name’ gives name of the company. Fill contact person’s name and other details.

Click Submit.