Qk Order Settings

To set up your online store, open your Backoffice navigate to Qk Order > Settings, Here in stores settings you can see the stores you have, select the store which you had to set up online sales.

Now in Store settings page first enter your store name in column 'Store name' (the store name you given here will be in your online order web link(Note: the name alphabets must be in Lower case and no special characters were included except ‘hyphen’). For e.g: if you give store name “lithos-kot” then your web address will be https://qkorder.com/lithos-kot).

In next three columns enter your store address, Phone number and email respectively.

In column location you can choose your store location, click on it and you can see a map with a location indicator on it, select and drag the location indicator or search your location in search bar and select it until it placed right under your store location. Then click submit.

Then in column 'minimum delivery amount' enter the minimum delivery amount you willing to deliver.

Enter the time take to make the food in column Prepare Time.

Choose which type of order notification you need whether Email or directly to POS or Both from column 'Order Notification'.

In column delivery charge you can choose the delivery charge if you charge for each delivery, first you have to create charges from Items > Discount/Charges.

Now under opening hours you can choose the days you open and the opening and closing time.

Pickup: Enable this section below features that allow you to take store pick up orders

Delivery: Enable this section below features to enable home delivery

Click Submit.