Modifier Item's

Modifiers are used to customize Items by providing additional options. You may need to add different tastes on the same food for different customers, such as Side dishes, Cooking temperature, Sweetened and Salty etc. Modifiers will be helpful in such cases.

Now take a look on how to add a modifier in LithosPOS.

Login to your backend using your registered email id and password, then navigate to “Items > Modifier”, a Modifier window will open.

Here on the right top of the screen click on the button “Add Modifier”, a side panel “New Modifier” will open.

Now name your modifier in column “Modifier”. Then Enter Modifier Item in column “Modifier Item”, Enter cost of the item in next column only if you need to track profit, Then Retail Price in column “Price” only if you charge on that modifier item.

Click on the “+” button above if you need to add more modifier items under that Modifier.

Enable the Default option on the very right of the modifier item only if you want to add that modifier item by default.

Item Modifier is added, now navigate to Items > Item List > Select an item that you need to add modifier, Click on the column below Item modifier, select the modifier you need to apply for this item, click Submit.

Now in POS while you add that item to the Cart a Pop-up Modifiers will appear, select the item modifiers based on your customer need (the Default item modifier will be already selected and can deselect it by clicking on it), click OK it will show below the item and will also sent to KOT. Note – Modifier item amount charges only if you added price of item modifier in Cloud.