Setting stores and Terminals


Select Settings from the Side Menu Bar and click on Stores. Store settings will open on the right side of the screen.

To set up a Store, click 'Add Store' to create a new one. Edit the existing store by clicking on that store name.

Store Name: Name your store in this column.

Mobile: Give your store’s mobile number. It shows in the Receipt.

TRN: Give your TAX Identification Number.

Address: Type your Store Address to show in your Receipt.

TAX: Enable this option if your store has tax.

Presentation Display: Activate this option if your POS machine has a Secondary Display.

Receipt Title: The title given here will be printed on your Receipt and email. If you leave this column empty, the store name will be printed.

Receipt Footer: Type down the footer text here. If you have multiple sentences, give a greater than (>) symbol between each word. For example if you want to print ‘Thank you’ and ‘Visit again’ in two different lines then give Thank you > Visit again.

Store Logo - Logo to show on Email Receipt.

Receipt Logo - Logo to be printed on Receipt. Use Black and white image for a clear image view.



To set up a new Terminal, select 'Terminals' from Settings.

Click on Add Terminal.


Give a name to the terminal so that you can identify easily.

If you have multiple stores, select the terminal situated store name from the store list.

Fill Sales Invoice Prefix and Starting Number as to be printed on sales Invoice under this Terminal.

Fill Sales Return Prefix and Sales Return Starting Number as to be printed on Sales Return Invoice.

Finally Click Submit to save the settings.