Sales in LithosPOS

Click on items to add products into Cart list. Quantity of an item will increase on each tap on a same item (enable 'Each Item' option while adding an item from backoffice which help POS to add an item to the cartlist on each click).

To change the quantity, click on the item from cart list. Click QTY and select the quantity then click OK. In the same way, you can change the price of an item by clicking on PRICE.

To do a Sale, click on Pay button.

Enter the Amount Tendered and select payment type.

Or you can choose the amount from Quick Cash Payment. It will lead to final payment page.

Here in email column, your customer e-mail will show or if it is cash sale and you have to add an e-mail. Enter on the column 'E-mail' and click on message icon button to send the mail.

Click on 'Print Bill' to print a bill (if Auto Print option is disabled in settings).

Click Continue to complete the sale.