Mosambee Payment Types

To add an integrated mosambee Payment method, Login to Backend from using your company email id and password.

Then navigate to Settings > Payment types. Here click the button “+Add Payment Types”.


A window ‘New Payment Type’ will appear.

Here in the column ‘Payment Type’ name the payment type that shows in the POS app.

Next select ‘Mosambee(Android)’ from the Drop down column Type.

In column ‘Receipt Name’ enter the name needed to show in Receipt print.

Then select stores where this payment type is applicable and click Submit.

Now Power ON your POS device and then connect and pair your mosambee device using Bluetooth connection.

Then open the LithosPOS app and Navigate to Menu > Settings > Mosambee.

Here enter your mosambee username and pin, then search for your mosambee device, enable ‘Receipt Print’ to get mosambee payment receipt print and click connect.

Your Mosambee device is now connected and is ready to make a payment. Select mozambee payment method at the time of sale , a Pop Up with graphic representation of card inserting into device will show now, Physically insert customer Debit or Credit card into the mozambee device card slot and after the processing enter PIN, the card will be authorised in seconds.

After the successful payment it will notify a success Meassage on POS and will print a payment receipt, click Continue and go for another sale