Adding Employee & Roles

By Default there are two Roles.

Manager: who is the admin of this business with permission to the Backoffice

POSuser: This Role will have all the permission in LithosPOS app

Most of the employees will not have the entire permission in a business. So here you can add a User Role with selected permissions. To add a new Role, click Employees on side menu bar.

Select Roles.

Click on 'New Role' button.

Name your Role in User Role.

Here in Permissions section, enable the permissions allowed under this Role.

Then Click Submit.


Role is added! Now add an Employee

Click on Employees from Side Menu.

Click Employees.

Click on Add Employee on top-right corner.

Fill employee details: Name, E-mail, mobile and 'Role'. Select the Role with allowed permissions for this employee.

Give a Username and Password.

Set a four digit pin for an easy and secure login.

Upload the employee’s image (less than 64 KB)

If you have multiple stores, a list of your stores will be listed here. Tick the store in which this employee have access.


Click Submit.